Eucuwala (Yukariara) is a Grass Pokemon.

It evolves into Gulacuff at Lv. 15, which evolves into a Timberawl at lv.34.

Along with Smokub and Driplik, Eucuwala is one of the three starters of Drisl Region available at the beginning of Skyblue and CrimsonRed. The player gets to choose their starter pokemon from Professor Pinewood in Splitwood Village. It is numbered 001# in the Drisl Pokedex and 650# in the National Dex.

Biological CharcteristicsEdit

Eucuwala are small, green koala pokemon. They have large yellow eyes, green fur (light green on their chests and around their eyes), and four sharp claws on each of their hands. Eucuwala are heavily protected by Gulacuff and Timberawl until they prove that they are strong enough to venture out on their own. Eucuwala are naturally strong but they always feel the need to train and fight. In order to test their strength they battle one another and toughen up and will eventually be made to battle the leader of their pack. If they put up a good enough fight they can leave and do as they please. The only people to get Eucuwala untrained are Pokemon Professors that give them out as starting Pokemon. This is no easy task mind you! Timberawl and Gulacuff hardly ever give up one of their young that easily. Unless the human proves himself/herself in some way, they may not catch a Eucuwala.

Gender Differences Edit

Female Eucuwalas have a smaller nose. Male Eucuwala will defend their mate with its life. Male's have a bigger nose.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Eucuwala has the Overgrow Ability which powers up grass type moves when it is weak Eucuwala stays loyal to it's trainer, always there for the trainer. It is from the Grass Koala species. Eucuwala orginated from the sunny beaches of the Beachshore City.

Game DataEdit

Generation VI

Skyblue: Male Eucuwala's will defend mates with their life. When they are young, Eucuwala will stay in trees away from predators by clinging with their sharp nails.
Crimsonred: Eucuwala spends days collecting leaves in the forest canopy. If two Eucuwalas encounter other, they will swap leaves to taste different parts of the forest.

Held Items: Miracle Seed (100%)

Game Locations: Splitwood Village

Base Stats Lv5Edit

HP: 23 - 45

ATK: 15-35

DEF: 17-37

SPD: 15-32
Eucuwala by cherry queenx-d4rq64q-1-

Stats may vary at different levels

Weakness & StrengthEdit

Eucuwala is weak to the following types Fire, Ice and Flying. When it evolves it will have double weakness to Flying.

Eucuwala is super effective Water, Ground and Rock.

Moves that can be taught by TM'sEdit

Thunderbolt (Timberawl), Bullet Seed (Eucuwala,Gulacuff,Timberawl), Leaf Tornado (Gulacuff,Timberawl), Seed Bomb (Timberawl), Synthesis (Eucuwala,Gulacuff,Timberawl), Focus Punch (Gulacuff, Timberawl) and Frozen Paw (Eucwala)

Moves taught by move tutorEdit

Frenzy Plant (Timberawl), Grass Pledge (Eucuwala,Gulacuff,Timberawl).


Atk Name Type PWR PP
Base: Growl Normal/ Status 0 30
Base: Scratch Normal/ Physical 30 35
Lv7: Razor Leaf Grass/ Special 50 25

Lv 13: Agility Normal/ Status 0 25

Lv18: Leaf Pledge Grass/Special 55 20

Lv23: Energy Ball Grass/ Special 70 12

Lv25: Sleep Powder Grass/Special 0 20
Lv29: Leaf Blade Grass/Physical 80 10
Lv32: Mach Punch Fighting/Physical 70 10
Lv35: Close Combat Fighting/Phyiscal 90 10
Lv42: Leaf Storm Grass/Special 140 5
Lv44 Bulk Up Fighting/ Status 0 20
Lv50 Solarbeam Grass/ Special 120 10
Lv50 Sunny Day Fire/Weather 0 10

Name MeaningEdit

The name Eucuwala is a portmanteau of eucalyptus and the word koala, which its species is based on.


Eucuwala is 1'05' feet tall and weighs 11.1 Ibs. Thanks goes to Magespages,