Gulacuff (Koarabu) is a dual Grass/ Fighting type Pokemon.

It evolves from Eucuwala at lv15 and evolves into Timberawl at lv34. This Pokemon evolves from the Grass type Pokemon starter. This Pokemon can only be obtained via evolving the Eucuwala given away in Splitwood Village.

Gulacuff is 002# in the Drisl Dex and 651# in the National Dex. Appears as the evolution of Eucuwala in SkyBlue and CrimsonRed.

Biological CharcteristicsEdit

Gulacuff are bipedal, light green koala Pokemon, larger than their pre-eveolved form, Eucuwala. They have a dark green "sweatband", large knuckles and big leafy tails. They seem to wear a dark green "belt" around their abdominal area. Gulacuff also have a tuft of green fur on their chest. They have yellow eyes with green irises. They are very agile and can leap through the air with ease. This comes in handy when they battle. Gulacuff have strong and toned muscles that never tire and they can go training all day without resting. They are very perceptive and witty Pokemon. When in battle, they outwit their opponet and when caught offguard, they will punch and kick mercilessly. In the wild, Gulacuff train and take care of young Eucuwala, they use their large, perceptive ears to hear intruders coming. If they feel threatened, Gulacuff with not be hesitant to attack to defend it's territory and it's young.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Male Gulacuffs tend to have bigger ringer around their arms. Female Gulacuff have a larger tail.

Special AbilitesEdit

Gulacuff's ability is Overgrow just like Eucuwala. It has capability of using fighting type moves when it evolved the arms got bigger. Gulacuffs like to use the moves Leaf Blade and Mach Punch alot. It has got the Fighting type attribute for evolution.

Game DataEdit

Generation VI

Skyblue: Gulacuff love to fight. Most often fights are caused by territorial disputes or proof of power matches. They are known for their powerful Leaf Blade and Mach Punch moves. Usually quite docile if left alone, however if they feel threatened they will attack any intruder.

Crimsonred: Gulacuff eats leaves from the trees in its territory. If it runs into another Gulacuff it will fight and the winner gets all the leaves that the losers collected.
008- Gulacuff

Held Items: Miracle Seed (100%)

Game Locations: Splitwood Village evolve from Eucuwala

Base StatsEdit

HP: 45-180

ATK: 35-95

DEF- 37-89

SPD- 32-64

Stats may vary at different levels

Weakness & StrengthEdit

Gulacuff is weak to Fire, Psychic, Ice. It has 4x weakness to Flying types.

Gulacuff is super effective aganist Ground, Water, Normal, Rock and Dark types.

Moves that can be taught by TM'sEdit

Focus Punch (Gulacuff, Timberawl), Bullet Seed (Eucuwala,Gulacuff,Timberawl), Leaf Tornado (Gulacuff,Timberawl), Seed Bomb (Gulacuff, Timberawl), Synthesis (Eucuwala,Gulacuff,Timberawl), Brick Break (Gulacuff), Focus Blast (Timberawl), Hammer Arm (Timberawl).

Moves taught by move tutorEdit

Frenzy Plant (Timberawl), Grass Pledge (Eucuwala,Gulacuff,Timberawl).


Atk Name Type PWR PP
Base: Growl Normal/ Status 0 30
Base: Scratch Normal/ Physical 30 35
Base: Razor Leaf Grass/ Special 50 25

Base: Agility Normal/ Status 0 25

Lv18: Leaf Pledge Grass/Special 55 20

Lv23: Energy Ball Grass/ Special 70 12

Lv25: Sleep Powder Grass/Special 0 20
Lv29: Leaf Blade Grass/Physical 80 10
Lv32: Mach Punch Fighting/Physical 70 10
Lv35: Close Combat Fighting/Phyiscal 90 10
Lv42: Leaf Storm Grass/Special 140 5
Lv44 Bulk Up Fighting/ Status 0 20
Lv50 Solarbeam Grass/ Special 120 10
Lv50 Sunny Day Fire/Weather 0 10

Name MeaningEdit

Gulacuff's name comes from Gula and Cuffs from the world handcuffs.


Height is 3'05' feet and Weighs 41.2 Ibs.