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This page is about the Pokemon Video Game Franchise. Pokemon was invented by Satoshi Tajiri. It involves around catching pokemon and training them.

Pokemon Skyblue & CrimsonRed is new fan-made Pokemon game created by Tony Chen

Pokemon Skyblue and Crimson Red for the Nintendo 3ds (not really)Edit

This game is the sixth installement of the Pokemon series. It features 3D battles, different gym leaders and a whole new Pokemon world awaits. You are a rookie Pokemon trainer who adventures the Drisl Region with your partner pokemon. You foil Team Lasers evil plans to dominate the Drisl Region. A whole new eltie four and a new champion awaits your arrival. Upon your arrival Professor Redwood will greet the player and give him/her a partner pokemon plus the Drisl Pokedex.

Choose from either Eucuwala, Driplik or Smokub to be your starter Pokemon

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